Learning with Logan: December 5 - 12

December 13, 2016 Logan Kazman, Social Media Specialist

Do you know what it means to be a social butterfly?

It's not that person you envied in high school who could talk about anything with anyone.

It's the person who can hang with the hashtags, be in the know on which social media giants owns which app and navigate the all the tiny (or huge) feature updates that you had no idea about.

Oh and this all happens well before her first coffee, we might add. 

Logan Kazman, The Tite Group's own social media specialist, is just that person around here. Every Tuesday, she'll be sharing "Learning with Logan" where you'll get the inside scoop on the top social media news of the week. 

All in point form too. Phew!

Memes and Millenials 

  • It's fairly evident that millennials and memes go hand in hand nowadays. People get tagged and do the tagging; memes are where the social conversation is and what the conversation is about. After all, they're a fun visual representation of all the things we want to say but often don't.

  • You don't have to monetize everything, but sometimes taking it to the next level makes sense. We're talking both brands AND creators here. Hence, we have Elliot Tebele, the star behind @fuckjerry, @beigecardigan, @pizza, @kanyedoingthings, and @sneakers, who has turned the popular accounts into a full-blown franchise, with 40 million followers across social channels, a clothing line, a card game, a late-night TV show pilot with MTV and a small social media agency called Jerry Media.

  • Some of Tebele’s branded work includes posts for Burger King, Paramount Pictures, Tinder, and even Warner Bros. 

  • Hit or Miss: Not only is the content entertaining, but Tebele and his team are capitalizing on a trend that is taking over the social media world (especially amongst the ever important millennial demographic). He's playing in a relevant realm by working with memes, but now he takes the relatability up a factor by packing them all up in a branded context. Obviously, his approach won't work for all brands, but the for the more playful ones, Tebele sets a high precedent.

Instagram Goes Live

  • Just last week we were talking about the power of live video. Today, Instagram has finally rolled out live video to all US users! You can start a live Instagram video by going to the stories section. After going live, followers will see a "live" badge while you're broadcasting. 

  • The difference between this and parent company Facebook, is that once a video is done it's done. Unlike Facebook's that are saved on the page they were recorded from, Instagram's live video disappears from the app and isn't available for replay. Can someone say, "Snapchat?"

  • Instagram says it does this, "so you can feel comfortable sharing what you want, anytime." 

  • Hit or Miss: Live video undoubtedly produces great results. It was really only a matter of time before Instagram went live. But is their Snapchat-like approach going to be successful? It'll be interesting to track how the disappearing factor resonates with users. A huge benefit of Facebook's live video is how it's hosted afterwards - people like the safety factor of being able to go back and repeatedly watch something.

Amazon’s New Store with No Checkout 

  • Amazon is testing out a no-checkout grocery store in Seattle. The store is called Amazon Go and has shoppers scan their Amazon app once they enter the store. Sensors detect when consumers pick up products (and put them back) and automatically charge or return the purchase to their Amazon account. The store is expected to open to the public in early 2017.

  • Hit or Miss: This is an incredibly cool concept taking hold of a new and emerging tech-based shopping method. The one glitch here is that cool doesn't always mean effective. The relationship between technology and business is changing every day. It's worth being the rebel who challenges the establishment. However, is it necessary and will it end up being truly useful? Just like Instagram's live video function, time will tell for Amazon's new shop as well.

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