Launching Your Business with Instagram

February 2, 2017 Rachel Steven of Creative Review

Turns out double-tapping can get you a lot more than likes. 

As provocative as that sentence sounds, we're talking about building your business but beginning solely with Instagram. 

Or rather, Creative Review is as they take an inside look at how @geo_fleur and @hopeinthewoods built their businesses from the ground up through the photo-sharing social media app.

Visual story-telling tends to be a concept that is talked about after the fact. 

After you've got your business. 

After you've opened your stores. 

After you've already collected an established consumer base. 

But what about trying that as the first step?

When done well, Instagram can be a very powerful tool for attracting people to your brand and letting them know what your story is about. 

It's not just about laying out your products on a fairly bleak background and making sure it's all straight. 

It's about weaving a narrative that grows and expands as each picture is added to that scrollable feed. Something doesn't quite fit with the developing plot? Try it again. With its easy to update, edit and organize features, Instagram offers flexibility to brands. Flexibility is a great thing, especially when business tends to be something that is ever-evolving. 

Essentially, it all comes down to learning where to place your value. If something is lifting your business significantly (even if that something is a social media app), go for it. 

Telling stories can come from all different sorts of places. 

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