Is AI Better at Designing Logos Than You?

December 15, 2016 James Greenfield of Creative Review

Winter is coming, friends. 

By that we mean that the frigid battle for control over the creative world between human beings and artificial intelligence. 

Algorithms can hold unprecedented power when designed with intelligence and nimble thought process. However, human beings are nuanced things. We "hm" and "haw" over things and fold our own personal beliefs and emotions into the decisions we make. AI doesn't have any of that. 

So when it comes to designing a logo that represents a global brand, who can do it better? Hard to say. On one hand, the AI process is efficient and takes away a lot of distractions that consume human thought processes. But human beings can form actual connections with brands that are crucial in understanding how to represent said brands. 

James Greenfield from Creative Review tried out AI designer Logojoy to see if it has some designing chops (FYI: he's the owner of a branding agency). 

Let the duel begin. 

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