If You're an Influencer, LinkedIn Wants Your Videos

August 10, 2016 Edgar Alvarez of Engadget

With Twitter and Facebook changing how video is integrated into the respective social platforms, it's safe to say video is kind of huge. 

It's video this, and video that lately. 

And it all makes sense. Canadians can't get enough of their videos. Canada ranks second in hours of monthly video watching and number of videos per viewer, as we illustrated in The Return on Content. According to a 2015 comScore study, eh-sayers spent 1,476 minutes watching videos in the last quarter of the year alone. Approximately 1 in 12 people in Canada, or 2.8 million, watch mobile videos at least once a week. 

So why not cater to consumers' needs? The difference here however, as Engadget reports, that LinkedIn's version of video streaming is only available to select influencers though anyone can watch the content. 

It's the platform's hope that users will be more engaged by having short videos that address their direct questions. 

Too exclusive? Perhaps, but at the same time, LinkedIn is targeted for the business community. In a way, people expect that the top content is going to come from the real movers and shakers. 

Check out the report below. 

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