If You're a Brand, Don't Tweet Like a Brand

July 6, 2016 Noah Waldman of Contently

If you’re a brand, raise your hand. Okay good. Now raise your hand if you tweet like a brand.

Get out. For real.

Twitter, everyone’s favourite tool to engage in bite-sized conversations or throw shade at celebrities without repercussions, can be great to slice, dice and share brand belief. Yet people still aren’t twittering right. (Tweeting* that was a test)

Brands have a bad tendency to jump on whatever is happening in the moment without actually thinking if it relates to the brand’s identity. This can be damaging if it make it look like the brand is trying to inappropriately capitalize on news worthy moments that are tragic or sad.

Like Contently, we don’t want you to do that. Listen to Noah Waldman if you want to avoid a big Twitter no-no. 

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