Goldilocks and the Three Rules of Product Success

July 29, 2016 Jonah Berger of Harvard Business Review

Once upon a time, there was a fairytale book character named Goldilocks who can teach us a thing or two about product success after having broken into the house of three bears. 

Sounds a little fluffy, but Harvard Business Review breaks down how the Goldilocks theory can be used to ensure innovation is successful.

It's pretty simple: 

1. Not too different. 

See, sometimes when you push to introduce a product that's worlds apart from what people are used to it doesn't end up being revolutionary. It just ends up making consumers wonder why they need it when what they currently have works just fine.

2. Not too similar. 

If it's not broke, don't fix it. No further explanation needed. 

3. Make it just right. 

The lesson out of all of this is to be "optimally distinct." Sometimes the followers end up being the leaders because they come up with something that's technically 'new' to the market, but in a way that still fits with peoples' needs. Essentially, they find the little niche corners of need and fill them with a simple but improved necessity. 

After all, this is a Battle for Time and minutes are a precious currency. Why should a brand look, sound and act like others if it can be distinct? On the other hand, why should a brand flip everything over only to lose sight of what it does best? 

The answer to both these questions is below. 

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