Brain Chatter: We Will Not Dial It Back

January 17, 2017 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai, Content Editor

At The Tite Group, we frequently share articles with each other that we read and think are awesome. 

It's no big whoop, I'm sure every agency out there does this.

However yesterday, one of our own shared an article from AdWeek about diversity and the temptation for marketers to dial back on this message under a Trump presidency. 

The author, Edward Bowser, goes on to discuss the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and the strides marketing has made in being inclusive.

Then, poses the question of what will happen in these changing times as the Obama administration becomes the Trump administration. 

"Trump's presidential campaign was built on fear—the fear of a changing America."

Sit with that statement for a minute. 

Now think about the context in which it was made. The racial discussions that have been taking place of late, the label of "political correctness" being thrown around to make excuses. 

Here in Canada, we may think we're safe from this because we're Canadians. 

Think again. 

Canadian marketers (and really just all citizens) have a job to do. That job is not to bow down and play it safe in fear of "stirring the pot" too much. 

It's about being creative for the common good. 

It's about creating experiences for all. 

It's about realizing the influence we have over messaging. 

The content that we dream up, brainstorm, and create everyday is extremely powerful. We create the stuff that people, see, watch, hear and otherwise digest every single day.

We're not asking you to overhaul your brand (unless it needs it) or be something you're not. We are asking however, that as marketers, you don't wait. Don't coast through the times until it's all over. 

When it comes to diversity, inclusivity, fairness and just being good, you need to fight for it. 

Our president Robin Whalen, had the best response to this article. When it comes to marketers "dialling it back" in these upcoming times, there's only one answer. 

"No, we won't dial back." 

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