Brain Chatter: Pokémon Go is Taking Over our Agency

July 26, 2016 Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai, Content Editor

"“Hey! There’s Pokémon in the office! I just got a Metapod."

It’s happened. Pokémon Go has overtaken our agency’s office.

This may come to no surprise to most, considering how the new but incredibly popular app has taken over the rest of the world. We even covered it for our July 10th edition of The Battle for Time.

Yet here’s the thing: it’s hilariously awesome. People, who weren’t even fans of the original series to begin with, are obsessed with levelling up and catching ‘em all.

Take our Monday morning meetings for example. This is a time where our agency catches up with ongoing client work and updates each other on next steps. We also like to chat about our weekends (we’re fun like that).

One of our employees recently went on a weekend trip. When asked about her time, she didn’t regale us with tales of the food she ate or the things she saw. Oh no, that didn’t come until later.

She first told us about the rare Pokémon she caught. That then launched us all into a conversation about the craze surrounding the app. Heck, we even considered making a second Battle for Time dedicated to the game.

Don’t worry, we still work at The Tite Group. But we also celebrate the art of capturing one’s minutes. Though we’re in the marketing industry and know exactly what Pokémon Go is doing for the brand, we’re happily being converted into fans. Yes, we’re able to analyze how this game has been a mass success in generating meaningful engagement with a classic brand, but we also celebrate those who can fill their Pokédex.

This is the thing about Pokémon Go: it brings people together. It makes people actually get up (which, when you sit at a desk for 8+ hours a day, is important) and mingle with people. It has actually generated mass communities instantaneously between people who probably wouldn’t have bothered talking to one another on the street had it not been for the app.

So here’s an insider look at some of the fun things that have been said around the office all in the name of Pokémon Go, the most successful bandwagon ever:

“What Pokémon did you catch again? I want to write about it…”

“Oh, I forgot I got the Metapod. I evolved it.”

“I don’t even need to go outside, there’s Pokémon on my desk!

“Guys, let’s get sushi. That way, we can also catch Pokémon on the way there.”

“Oh it’s so nice out… and just think of all the Pokémon that could be out there!”

“How was your trip?” “So good! I caught THE RAREST Pokémon guys!”

“Everyone, I just made Level 5.”

“It’s like… the virtual reality of going outside!”

"Are you catching a Pokémon on my face?" "Yeah, it's literally on your face. Don't worry, I got it though." 

*Points camera to face* "Wait, there's another one..." 

"It's so much better than going on Instagram when you need a break, ya know? Sometimes you just need a break..."


"I only got a Weedle. Stupid Weedle."

*In a singing voice* "Time to catch a Wee-eeeedle!"

"Oh sh*t! There's a Pokémon, scuuuuse me!" 

Has your office joined the masses? Tweet us at @TheTiteReport and tell us your funny moments playing Pokémon Go.


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